Blue Ocean Tea – The Trusted Consultancy Partner for All Tea Manufacturers

Blue Ocean Tea was established to help produce both functional and speciality teas. This includes offering a consultancy service to support any specialty tea company looking to improve its strategies and production. We can provide advice and material support at all stages of the development process.

How we can help your specialty tea company?

Our consultancy services are available from when you first source your tea through to its certification and when you package it and send it to the shelves. It is a highly collaborative process that allows your specialty tea company to set the tone and direction of travel. You have the ideas, we find practical ways for you to turn them into reality.


This process starts by choosing the kind of product you are looking for and then developing a strategy for its success. First, you need to decide on a blend. This means you need to source ingredients, then create samples to test the blend’s effectiveness. Your blend enters a period of refinement until it is exactly what you want. We have many years of expertise that allow us to identify industry trends, potential combinations of ingredients and to help you establish your distinct brand.


Blue Ocean Tea has long-established relationship with suppliers all around the globe. This allows us to source a wide range of teas and other ingredients such as spices and botanicals. As in all aspects of our service, these relationships are open and collaborative to allow for true depth and innovation in what we produce, and what we can offer to you.


We can provide the specialised equipment to create customised samples of your blend in-house. This includes frictionless blenders, tin and pouch filling machines, mesh tea bags and envelope filling machines. Once samples have been created, they can then be sent to you for testing.

After samples have been sent, we continue to consult by holding tasting sessions together, often over video call. This allows us and you to continue to discuss the tea and any improvements that can be made. The development and sampling process can be continued until your blend is refined to your exact specifications.


Our consultancy services don’t just apply to the tea itself, but to everything around the tea that makes it a successful product. One part of this is packaging. You need containers that can store your tea safely, keeping it fresh, with clear and engaging labelling that attracts potential customers. Size, shape and colour are all important parts of the packaging process and it is much easier to experiment with and develop these things with the help of expert consultants and our specialist equipment, including different types of teabag and machines to fill them. We can also help with shipping and other logistics to save you both time and money.

If your specialty tea company has a vision for the tea you want to blend, then Blue Ocean Tea has everything you need to bring it to fruition. We can be with you from concept to production to delivery, using our expertise and specialist equipment to create truly unique, highly refined brands.