Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Tea Packaging

When you own a niche tea business, there are plenty of aspects to get right in order to successfully bring your product to market, and to build and maintain a profitable base of loyal customers. Having a strong brand is essential, and packaging plays a vital part of your brand’s overall presentation.

Tea retailers will think very carefully about the custom tea packaging that they decide to associate with their product and brand, as the choice goes far beyond simple cost considerations.

For example, simple recycled paper tea bags are highly popular with eco-friendly customers, and corporate hotel chains will appreciate single wrapped presentation bags for individual use in hotel rooms and conference areas. Customers buying high-end, bespoke blends with an emphasis on luxury experiences may prefer pyramid tea bags, which have an association of quality and taste, and which allow tea ingredients to blend and mix to their fullest, in order to maximise flavours.

Which custom tea packaging is right for your brand?

Blue Ocean tea uses the latest technologies to produce high-specification tea blends that are bespoke to each client. We also package tea blends in a range of packaging and presentation materials, with options for the following:

– Rectangular and pyramid tea bags
– Pack port packs which are ideal for iced tea or bulk teas

We can also blend large and small tea batches together for maximum flexibility and convenience, and we can pack pyramid teabags securely in overwrap for safety, durability and convenience. We produce bespoke solutions for each client’s needs, with materials, colours, print and branding applied as required.

When deciding which tea packaging will suit you, think about:

– Your brand and its credentials. What do you want to represent to your customers?
– The nature of your tea blends. Do they need time to gently steep and space to move?
– The eco-credentials of your brand, as some customers value attributes such as recycled materials or non-bleached teabag materials.
– Your mode of delivery. You will need to consider secure, waterproof packaging if you are going to be delivering tea blends via mail or courier. For retail stores, you may want the option to sell your tea blends in a variety of presentation formats, including gift boxes, tea tins and so forth.
– Your budget. This is a key factor for businesses that are keeping a tight rein on their unit costs. Although it is important not to skimp on presentation when you are producing a high-end product, you still need to ensure you can manage your costs tightly enough so that you can end up with a profit at the end of your sales cycle.

Remember that Blue Ocean Tea provides a full spectrum of tea services to businesses looking to create their own speciality tea business, from consultancy to logistics.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you to grow your successful tea business, and take your entrepreneurial dreams forward.