What are the Reasons Behind the Growth of Private Label Teas?

Everyone loves a good cup of tea, but this drink has evolved far beyond the original ‘builder’s brew’ of old. With a huge array of tea brands now on the market, not to mention exciting blends and fresh flavors, the options to discover more from this wonderful drink are more plentiful than ever.

This helps to explain the growth of tea brands which are now evolving rapidly from niche brands to successful businesses with loyal customers and sustainable growth. This expansion is often fuelled by e-commerce and the opportunity to reach target customers in a far easier way.

Many of these niche suppliers will work with private label tea suppliers who can act as partners to their business, and help to grow them with targeted, expert services that span everything from product sourcing and blending through to packaging design. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits.

Private label tea suppliers offer choice

Everyone wants to be able to choose from the latest teas that tickle their tastebuds and offer a variety of health benefits. Perhaps your customers are keen to enjoy the health benefits of white tea, or enjoy a flavorsome chai instead of an afternoon coffee? Maybe you’re looking to broaden your business offering with a rooibos blend, or try out an evening sleep tea to help your customers wind down. Private label tea suppliers give you the option to choose from plenty of fantastic formulations and great ingredients.

Niche formulations and quality ingredients

Private label tea suppliers use top-quality ingredients that include organic teas, spices and other natural ingredients. This gives your business peace of mind that you are only buying and using the best. Your supplier should also have the blending skills and experience needed to craft fantastic formulations which delight your customers.


Great packaging can make all the difference to your niche tea business, especially if you are charging premium prices for a high-end product. By working with a private label tea supplier, you can access the design skills and customer insight needed to craft an impactful brand and fantastic graphical assets which are shared across your packaging.

Reliable sourcing

All businesses want to know that they are using quality ingredients, especially if their customers are paying for a premium product. This is especially the case for today’s ethics-driven customers who want to know that they are choosing brands with a strong stance on ethical issues, sustainability and environmentalism. By working with a quality supplier, you have peace of mind in the provenance of your ingredients.


Building a niche tea business can be profitable and successful but it also requires a great deal of knowledge, research, positioning, brand development and a strong business model. Consultancy services can help you to grow your new tea brand successfully and sustainably so that you can avoid expensive mistakes and improve your chances of success.

Keen to find out more? Contact us now to discover how our private label tea products and services can help you to grow your niche tea brand, and to create an exciting, sustainable and profitable business.