5 Best Teas to Fight Stress and Anxiety

When your customers are looking to tackle the stress and anxiety in their life, it is the perfect time to launch soothing, relaxing and natural tea blends with the help of a white label tea company to produce the quality that you need.

Which teas are worth considering for your product range? Here are five of the best options.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile flowers and leaves are dried and produced into a completely natural, soothing and delicately flavored tea with a slightly sweet finish. Chamomile has been traditionally used as a drink to aid relaxation and to support good sleep, and it works beautifully on its own or paired with carefully chosen herbs and spices for a richer drink. The trick to great chamomile tea is to use top-quality, organic flowers, working with a white label tea company to source the finest ingredients.


Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular oils for relaxation and calm, and research suggests that even inhaling lavender tea can calm the senses by regulating the vagus nerve, which in turn helps to optimize the heart rate, digestion and respiratory rate. Lavender also resets the nervous system and encourages our bodies to heal while helping to counteract feelings of depression and anxiety in adults.

Spearmint tea

An absolute wonder herb for women, spearmint tea is fantastic at promoting optimal hormone health. Drinking a glass or two of spearmint tea daily can help women with PCOS as it can help to regulate menstrual cycles. It can also aid digestion and has a very pleasant taste.

White tea

Packed with antioxidants, white tea helps to reverse signs of aging and fight stress in the body. It’s also very low in caffeine, which makes it great for tea drinkers who want to lose the high caffeine levels of coffee but not forgo the “pep” it gives entirely. There are plenty of great blends that can be made with white tea and various herbs and spices that work perfectly with it, depending on your customers’ tastes and preferences. This is also a drink that works at any time of day.

Matcha green tea

When a drink has been popular for hundreds of years in Japan and China, you know you’re on to a winner! The high levels of polyphenols found in matcha green tea help to fight inflammation and free radicals in the body while supporting favorable gut health. The L-theanine and other amino acids also help to optimize cognitive processing, which helps us to deal more effectively with stressful situations. This drink does have higher levels of caffeine in it, so it’s best consumed in moderation during the first part of the day.

Why work with a white label tea company

If you work with a white label tea company, you can create relaxing teas that will suit your customers’ needs, creating custom formulations and the highest-quality organic ingredients for even better results. With tea consumption on the rise – and an associated interest in health, wellness and wellbeing overall – now is the perfect time to broaden your line with natural, herbal and delicious stress-fighting teas.