Explore the Art of Tea Blending with Blue Ocean Tea

When you’re looking to build a specialty tea brand, the quality of your product is the key to charging premium-grade prices. And customers do want to explore and discover exciting new tea blends. So, how can Blue Ocean help you to make this a reality?

 Why focus on specialty teas?

Tea is big business and one that is rapidly growing as customers explore new blends and challenge their tastebuds. Tea is also an increasingly on-trend drink and becoming widely noted for its health benefits, as well as the great flavors on offer, lower-caffeine alternatives to coffee, and the fact that there is a tea blend for every occasion.

Tea drinkers can already find mass-produced teas in the supermarket, but many now want to enjoy a superior tea tasting journey and one where they can access specialty teas that offer them a real experience.

This is why niche tea brands are growing – and charging the top-line prices that reflect their product offering. By providing delicious and unusual tea blends in beautiful packaging that reflects their high-end brand values, customers can be delighted and enjoy the experience of trying products that aren’t widely available.

Working with Blue Ocean Tea

As expert tea blenders, Blue Ocean Tea has years of experience in the tea blending market, and we work with niche tea brands to create unique blends that set their brand apart. There are hundreds of different types of tea, spice and flavoring combinations that are possible, so every brand can create its own tea recipes that give its customers something unique and special.

Our experts work with your business to understand more about your customers and their profile. We collaborate with you to understand what categories of tea you want to sell, and whether you want to focus on a core range of black, green and white teas to begin with, or to build a broader product range with other herbal and specialty finish teas such as rooibos, ginger, turmeric and botanical blends.

Your own unique blends

Working with the tea base – which for black tea alone can include dozens of varieties from around the world and at different grades, all with their own flavor characteristics – we can then apply careful spices, herbs and flavorings which offer specific benefits- perhaps in terms of a themed flavor, an energy boost, a calming blend or a health benefit, such as a blend for after a meal that soothes the stomach.

The power of experience

Our tea blending experts really understand the power of blending tea to perfection and the ways in which specialty teas can help you to create a powerful and successful brand within your target market. We spend time working to create the right blends for your customers and then we offer the services which take your tea vision to reality – with fantastic packaging and branding that creates the perfect end product.

Contact us to find out more today and to discover why Blue Ocean Tea is the perfect partner for your budding tea retail business. Our team are on hand and ready to assist your brand!