Regular Tea Bags Vs Pyramid Tea Bags – Which is Better?

Creating private label tea may give you complete control over every stage of the manufacturing process, but it also means you face a range of decisions about everything from blend to packaging. One thing that you will need to consider is your type of teabag, which can make a significant difference to the flavor of your product.

Regular teabags

These are probably the first type you think of when you imagine a teabag, and they remain highly popular. They tend towards rounded or rectangular shapes and are relatively flat. This means they do not have a lot of space to fit tea leaves inside. The leaves need to be chopped particularly fine just to fit, which means that only the lowest grade “fanning” leaves tend to be used. Fanning may be considered cheap and convenient, but they lose a lot of the flavor associated with the best quality teas.

Lack of space in a regular teabag also impacts the brewing process. Tea leaves release the most flavor when they can move around freely, which is impossible when confined to a regular teabag. Together with the lower quality of the leaf, this can lead to a slightly dusty texture and taste even after a longer brewing process.

Pyramid teabags

Pyramid teabags were quite an innovation when they emerged in the market in the 1990s, purporting to include many of the advantages of loose-leaf tea whilst still having the convenience of a bag. The distinctive shape means there is more space to fit higher quality tea leaves inside, as well as other ingredients such as spices, flowers and even dried fruit. Some people even just find the shape more aesthetically pleasing.

Once added to water for brewing, the leaves in a pyramid teabag then have room to expand and move around in a circular pattern (in a similar manner to how they would move if they were loose leaves in an infuser), which releases more of the flavor and ensures a more balanced distribution throughout the cup.

As well as this, pyramid teabags are also considered to have a faster rate of infusion. A pyramid teabag will release its flavor more quickly when placed in hot water than a regular teabag, making them a more efficient and convenient form of tea for most people. The main inconvenience is probably that the bulkier size and shape makes these teabags harder to transport and store, although they are also sturdier and less prone to damage.

Teabags for private label tea When you consider the relative qualities of regular and pyramid teabags, it becomes apparent that the pyramid shape offers greater opportunities to maximize flavor and improve the brewing process. If you want your customers to have the best experience when drinking your tea and you want to offer teabags as well instead of loose-leaf, then being able to offer them in a pyramid teabag shape is essential.