5 interesting ideas to boost tea sales in cafes

Are you looking for a way to boost your cafe’s tea sales? Here are some ideas to try!

1. Create an enticing experience

If you really love tea, you’ll be able to share that passion with your customers. Educate yourself and your staff and learn about the different types of tea, their provenance, their benefits and their story. Look at how coffee culture has invested in this ‘backstory’ as an industry, and aim to bring that same passion into the world of tea. After all, there are so many wonderful and delicious teas to enjoy and they have plenty of health benefits. So design an experience that goes far beyond the basic cafe format, and create an immersive world of artisan tea experiences that educate, engage and delight your customers.

2. Work with the right tea suppliers

If you want to create a fantastic tea culture in your cafe, then work with the right tea suppliers. The quality of your tea brand will rest on having the right quality and diversity of tea, and the right suppliers can provide you with superb, top-grade teas that will really stand out in your cafe. Whether your customers demand white tea, green tea, or any one of a range of specialized teas, the better quality teas you can offer, the more satisfied your customers are likely to be.

3. Factor in the presentation

If you’re offering beautiful, exotic and artisan teas, then don’t serve them in cheap white china cups. Invest in beautiful oversize mugs, dainty vintage cups, or a style that will capture your customers’ attention. The china they experience must be of the same high quality as the tea inside it. As well as the china, think about the presentation of your cafe. It needs to mirror the high-end feel you are looking to create, so consider tablecloths, artwork, beautiful lighting and vintage glassware for your countertop to create something truly stunning. When your customers start photographing the inside of your cafe, you’ll know you’re onto a winner!

4. Broaden your tea range

In the same way that the ultimate sweet shop offers jars of sweets in every color, a great tea cafe should offer a tea journey that spans the world. Embrace diverse teas from every category, including black, green, white, oolong, yellow, herbal, scented teas and more. Consider having a ‘tea of the week’ and try interesting tea presentations, such as bubble tea or Afghan tea with cardamon. Ask your customers to give feedback and rate their favorites. You could also include a cake menu with tea-themed accompaniments for the perfect pairing.

5. Train your staff

It’s vital to have staff who understand tea and who can answer difficult questions about its origin, the tasting notes of the tea and the best way to serve it. Hire a team who are excited about what they serve and then train them well. Encourage your employees to think of themselves as experts in the tea field and to invest in their own education accordingly. This will give your cafe a real reputation for excellence and make it a true tea destination.